Text format when using imported Powerpoint

I’m using an imported powerpoint (note: the only reason I’m doing this is because it’s a workaround to get the easy “add frame” functionality rather than the “add topic”). I love that this option allows me to easily add frames with text and/or images, but I can’t figure out a way to change the font on the text. If there isn’t a way to change the font, can you guys at least change the default font? It’s a genuinely ugly font and also only displays all caps.

Hello @Courtney_Caldwell, on the desktop application the font is dependant on the template you choose, as you can see here, and in order to change it you need to select a different one.

Hope this could help!

Ah, that does help, thanks! I should have noticed that. I still hope that you guys will incorporate the “add frame” functionality to the main Prezi Video setup. It makes creating these SO much easier.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback @Courtney_Caldwell, I will forward it to our Product team!