Share Screen on Google Meet has low quality

When using the share screen to record a video no problem.

When instead I share the screen during a live call (I tried with google meet) the shared screen is not sharp/clear. I tried to look for a streaming quality option in prezi, but could not find it.


Hi @Benedetto_Mancini, could you please specify which screen sharing are you using? Do you mean the screen sharing inside Prezi Video that gives you low quality?

Please note that Prezi Video is always streaming on HD quality, most of the time the quality issue is happening on the videoconferencing tool’s end. Could you please send me a screenshot showing the Prezi Video window and the Google Meet window so the difference is visible?

Hi Bert,

I think I was approaching it wrong. I was sharing the screen inside prezi but not sharing prezi window on the google meet. So just pinning my image the quality of the shared screen was not good. When instead I share my prezi app on google meet the streaming was good.


Hi @Benedetto_Mancini, thanks for the feedback and the explanation.

Please note that you can access your Google Meet settings with the 3 dots in the bottom right corner, where you can check the sending and receiving resolution of your video.

Please make sure this is set to 720p as the default is 360p which provides a lower resolution.

Hope this helps!