Reuse presentation as video

Being new to Prezi I don’t know all the ins and outs yet.
I have a question about the term “Published with reusable license” – I would like to use a video that I found at this link:

What sort of permission do I need if it is labeled as Published with reusable license? I don’t want to use it as a template. Can I use the presentation within another presentation? Or do I need to get the author’s permission?

If I need additional permission how do I get it?

Hi @Cecilia_Sepp, welcome on our forum! :slight_smile:

Could you please describe a bit more the way you would like to reuse this presentation? How do you mean you would like to reuse it as a video?

Do you want to record the presentation as a video and then use it in your presentation?

Thank you for the reply Bart.
Yes, I would like to show this video to an audience as part of a presentation, not edit it or use it as a template.

My colleague and I are doing a presentation that references the research in this video and would like to use it.
Thanks again.

Hi @Cecilia_Sepp, please note that you have sent us a link of a reusable interactive presentation, not a video.

In case you would like to record this presentation as a video you would need to add the outline elements to your library, compile your own copy and record it with Prezi Video as a video you can insert in your own presentation.

Hope this helps!

Okay thank you! Just wanted to confirm

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