Remove Prezi Video Logo?

Is it possible to remove the Prezi logo on Prezi Video?


Hello @Seth_Winterer, currently the watermark is not removable, however as we just released Prezi Video this week, we are planning to include more features later on, including the ability to remove the watermark. I’ve channeled your request to our development team.

Happy presenting :slight_smile:


I’m guessing inserting your own logo/info is part of that feature list as well, which would be great! Looking fwd to seeing further developments.


I know this is not a technical issue, so that means that it is a deliberate marketing choice.

I get that having the logo in the video is important for marketing and awareness, it pretty much makes this product unusable as the videos cannot be used for any legitimate purposes with a huge Prezi Video watermark.

This seems like an awesome product but I won’t be using it as long as the watermark is there. You should at least remove it for those of us who are paying customers.

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Hello @Jonathan_Jacobs, we appreciate the feedback and apologize for the inconvenience. The watermark removal is something that is being worked on for the moment, we plan to include it in a future release however, for now, we cannot give an estimated release date or time.

I look forward to that update. Your team should at least include the watermark in all of the promotional images of the software (to be honest.) Every email I have gotten shows content creators making videos with no logo.

Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that this feature is now available for Plus (and Edu Plus) and above licenses!

I noticed this last night; thanks so much! Just in time for #SocialDistancing


How do I remove the watermark?

Hey @Yasar_Daglar the watermark should be removed automatically by the software, can you try to re-upload a video and let us know how the results? :slight_smile: