Prezi video is slow with external camera

Is there any update?

Is there anything i can posibly do. I still have the same issue and have been weeks.

I’m having a similar issue, but it doesn’t appear to be camera or USB related, even when it is just slides from the Prezi Video App it’s like the frame rate looks slower than it should be. I tried my camera feeding both 60fps and 24fps and that didn’t make a difference. CPU utilization never goes above about 15% (i9-10900k @3.7GHz), GPU is a RTX 2070 and it never goes above 11% use. RAM is 138GB. It’s just slightly slow in FPS. Ideas?

Hi everyone, our developers are investigating this issue. We will update this thread once we have any news.

Experiencing major lag in Prezi Video desktop app with an external camera
Video in the browser works great, but I don’t want to pre-record the presentation, I want to do it live connected to a Zoom meeting

Why is there no option to present live from the browser to a Zoom meeting?

some details:
Lag actually just loops the first few seconds of video collected like a broken record
Lag exists in Prezi Video App when editing slides, not connected to a conference
Lag begins in Zoom App as soon as Prezi Video is connected
Prezi content is also mirrored such that I can’t read it, which makes the entire presentation useless

Using a J5Create USB HD Webcam

Instead of putting the onus on the customer to prove the root issue your troubleshooting team should go out and buy an external camera and try it out for themselves

Hi @Sarah_Donohoe, could you please send me an example video and let me know if you are using Mac or Windows system?

Our developers are testing the issue with external webcams, but please note that there is a wide variety of devices so every bit of information our users share is useful.

Please note that the mirroring of the content might be because Zoom mirrors the camera view by default. You can disable this from Zoom’s settings menu.

I am using an external camera connected to my laptop via USB, when I use the DESKTOP APP the image is distorted. Can anyone help me?

Hi @Jonathan_Saravia, could you please tell me if you are on a Windows or a Mac system?

What is the exact model of the external camera? Could you also send me a screenshot of the issue?

Hi Bart. is Windows 10.
The camera is : It only shows as UVC camera

In this link, you can find more details about the problem.

You can see how the image is distorted and an infinite loop is generated over a shot

Hi @Jonathan_Saravia, thanks for the information. Could you please check the camera further a bit as we would need more information on the make and model so we can investigate it better?

Hi Bart. it is similar to :

it is similar to:

Thanks, @Jonathan_Saravia, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
I’ve forwarded this to our developers for further investigation.

Is there any update on this topic?