Prezi Video Freezed - mp4 corrupt

I just recorded a 30 Minute presentation with the prezi video app. After hitting the button end recording, the program freezed for about an hour. I had to quit it. Which is a real pitty. However, I did find an mp4 file in the temporary folder. Unfortunately I can’t play the file with a normal player (they state the file is corrupt). Is the a possibility to recover the file? This is really a serious issue, if prezi video lacks this basic stability. Edit: I use the paid version.

Hi @Felix_Wilke, we are sorry to hear this happened with the application.
Could you tell me your system specifications and the operating system you are using with Prezi Video?
Could you send me the corrupted mp4 file via ? Please make sure you are creating a transfer link and paste that in your reply.

Dear Bart,
the file is so big, I won’t upload it (4GB). I tried some video repair tools, but they didn’t work. I ended up recording the video a second time. The second time it worked perfectly.

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Hi @Felix_Wilke, please let us know if you experience this issue again and we would be happy to investigate it further.