Prezi Video compatibility with Prezi Next (fonts)

Hi all,

I’m creating a presentation on Prezi Next which I would like to present using Prezi Video.

However, the font I’m using on Prexi Next (alegreya) is not recognized by Prezi Video which changes it to some other font. Alegreya is one of the fonts that comes by default with Prezi Next and I assumed it would work on Prezi Video as well. I’m also positive that I tested this font before and it worked on video. Any ideas why it’s not working now?

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Hello @Rui_Costa, could you please send us the title of the presentation that you’re trying to use in Prezi Video so we can investigate this?

Hi There, I also have the same issue when using the ‘Monserrat’ font. I had imported it to Prezi Video App from the web page editor previously and it worked fine. Now it seems to change the fonts when I import it.

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Scrap that! Just worked out I needed to have the desktop editor closed before importing the presentation to the Prezi Video App - Works fine now!


Yes, I confirm this, you need to close the desktop editor before using Prezi Video.