Prezi crashes after I try to start a video conference


Every time a click “video conference” the window “Choose an app to video conference” shows for 2-3 seconds and then Prezi Video crashes, exiting the application.

I tried to reinstall several times, but the problem remains.

Any suggestions?


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Hi @Ribamar_Nogueira, could you please tell me if you are Windows or Mac?

Do you get any error message when the app crashes?

I’m using Windows 10.

No error message or freeze window. After fews seconds Prezi crashes and closes.

Hi @Ribamar_Nogueira, could you please send me the engine logs so our developers can check on this further?

You can find the Prezi Engine Logs here: c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\Prezi.Cast\Engine\Log\

You can use to send the file to me, please make sure to create a transfer link instead of sending me an email.

Here’s the log files.

me pasa lo mismo ayuda!!!

Hi @Ribamar_Nogueira, thanks for the info, I have forwarded it to our developers who are investigating it.

Hola @Jose_Lopez, ¿podría enviarme los registros del motor para que nuestros desarrolladores puedan verificar esto más a fondo?

Puede encontrar los registros de Prezi Engine aquí: c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\Prezi.Cast\Engine\Log\

Puede usar para enviarme el archivo, asegúrese de crear un enlace de transferencia en lugar de enviarme un correo electrónico.