Prezi camera not present in Webex camera list

I’m trying to connect a video conference with WebEx and it only shows the Prezi virtual camera from the browser (and crops the presentation) but not the Desktop App. I had it work fine for Zoom, but can’t get it to work for Webex. Any suggestions?

Hi @Lindsay_Morgan, could you let me know if you are using Mac or a Windows PC?
Could you also attach a screenshot of the cropped presentation in Webex for Web?

Hi Bart,

I’m using Mac. Here is a screenshot. I think the cropping will disappear if I can connect to the desktop app but can’t figure out why it doesn’t show up as an option unless I connect with Chrome.

Hi @Lindsay_Morgan, the Mac version of Webex currently does not see the Virtual Camera created by Prezi. This is an issue on their side, our team is working on fixing the issue, until then the only workaround would be to use Webex via Google for now.
Can you send me a screenshot of the issue with the cropping? How does it crop the image exactly?