Presenter notes missing on desktop app

The presentation prepared in the Prezi Present online and has the presenters notes at every slide. Including the slide with ‘zoom in’ feature.
All the presenters notes are available in Prezi Video online (e.g. web browser recording).
Once using Prezi Video Desktop on Mac and selecting video from the Prezi Present, the app populates only presented notes from the main presentation slides. And replaces the notes on zoom-in slides with the notes as at the main slide.
Please, advise?

Hi @Alexander_Gamolya, there has been a new update for our desktop application, could you please download it and see if the issue persist there?

Hello Bart, I confirm update resolved the issue. Thanks for the quick fix!


Hello, Can you let me know what this latest version happens to be? I have Desktop App on my PC and it says it is up to the latest version. And I have the same issue with notes not appearing but they are already embedded in the Presentation in both Prezi Present and Prezi Next Desktop App.

However, I also have an old Mac mini, with Prezi Video Desktop App, and that has now prompted me to update and after that update I can see the notes. My question is, are we awaiting a specific update to resolve this issue with PCs only?



Hi @Andrew_McWhirter, I’m checking on this further. Could you please check the version number of your Prezi Video on your Windows PC? You can check the version number in the Programs and Features section.
The current version should be 2.16.5.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have checked and it is indeed that I have.

Thanks, @Andrew_McWhirter for the response, I’ve forwarded this report to our developers. We will update this thread if it’s released for Windows as well.