Presentations not showing up in the prezi video app

I cannot access my Prezi presentations through the prezi video app. It is not connecting with the presentations. It is not synchronizing. Presentations do not appear in the app.

Hello @RITA_DE_CASSIA_MARIA_GARCIA, I just made some tests and I was able to see my presentation in the Prezi Video App. Can you kindly send me a screenshot of this issue? Bear in mind that you can only convert Prezi Next Presentations into Video.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi I have the same issue. how do we sync the presentations online with the desktop app ? I made one online and converted it to video, but since the quality is low wanted to make the video in the desktop app

Hello @Antony_J, could you please tell us what’s the title of the presentation you would like to import in Prezi Video so we can investigate it?

Hey Catarina,

Thanks for getting back. The issue was resolved as soon as I logged out and logged back in.

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