Multiple people using an Edu Plus license

I would like to know if with an EDU account my whole team can work at the same time.
My situation is this: I coordinate a nation-wide educational program in schools. I would like to have my staff (5 people) to be able to do online live presentations with Prezi Video via Zoom/Meet (using the prezi video app) at the same time but in different meetings.

For example staff member Joe is live in Zoom with school A at 9am, and at the same time staff member Susy is presenting the same presentation live with school B.

Do we need to have multiple accounts to do this or can we have one account for the organization (which is a certified non-profit)? Having one account would make the entire process much easier for us.

What would you guys suggest we do?

Hi @Thea_Rasini, we have reached out to you via email. :slight_smile: