Missing Advanced Create button

I do not have the Advanced Create button anywhere on the screen when I go to begin a video project. I currently have the Edu Pro account. Is this feature present on this level of account?

Hello @Laurie_Sevigny, this button was renamed, you can find it now under this name:

I hope this was helpful!

Thanks much Gustavo!


I have the button, I can open my presentation, but how can I use them for Prezi Video? Is there a button like start the video anywhere?

Hi @hans_krameritsch, please check this article for further information on recording with Prezi Present. :slight_smile:

Daer Bart,
I can only open the presentations and work with them,
but there are no tools to see to make a video.

Kind regards,

Hi @hans_krameritsch,

You can either import your presentations via the Prezi Video desktop application, or you can click on the “Create Video” button on the top right of your presentation in the browser to create your video.
Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 13.23.13