[MAC] Microphone access window stuck

MacBookPro Catalina 10.15.6 (19G73) - Prezi Video Version 1.7.0 (4765).
After starting Prezi Video, the following windows:
stay on the screen and as soon as the mouse over it, the “OK” and “Don’t Allow” button are greyed out and it is not possible to close it

Hi @Richard_Vez, could you tell me what happens if you reinstall Prezi Video on your Mac? Have you had this with previous versions?
Are you using the internal microphone or do you have an external one?

i try to uninstall and reinstall prezi video, but same behavior.
This is the first time I install and try to use Prezi video

I try using an internal microphone as well as external, same behavior.
I went to Security & privacy and double checked the Prezi video --> enabled for camera. but it does not exist for Microphone, is it normal?

Hi @Richard_Vez, could you try to install an older version with the following link?