Hyperlink in video recording is inactive

I would like to use hyperlinks within my Prezi video recording to connect to my browser, but it is not active. Although that link is active when I present the slides, the problem is when I record my video. I tested it in both online recording and desktop recording which were unsuccessful. Is there any solution?

Hi @M0hi_j, do you mean there is a hyperlink in your presentation that is not active during recording?

What did you want to achieve exactly? Did you want Prezi Video to record and external webpage as well that opens when you click on the hyperlink?

Please note, that Prezi Video is creating a video file using your content and the view of your webcam. It does not record any screen-view or any other window’s content.

Yes, exactly. I want to show a webpage during my presentation in Prezi.
Do you think I need to record it separately and attached to Prezi video, in this case?

Hi @M0hi_j, thanks for your feedback, I’m going to forward it to our product team.
In order to record your screen, you would need to use a different application.

You can either create two separate videos, one with Prezi Video, and another one with the screen recording software.
I could also imagine that you create the Prezi Video, then you record your screen in a way that you play the Prezi Video and at the point where you would click the link, you switch to the website’s window and continue the screen recording from there.

Hope this helps!

Is it possible to link a subtic from outside?

Hello @Pierluigi_Germano, currently it’s not possible to open a hyperlink from your video recording, but we’re developing a screen sharing feature that will make it possible to show another part of your screen. We’ll let you know once we have any developments about it!