How to share, not export, my video

I created a new Prezi Video using v1.0.15 of the Mac app by importing my existing Prezi Next and then recording in content only mode. That worked great, but when finished my ONLY option is to export the recording as an mp4 file. How do I get this video into my online dashboard? How can I take advantage of the video link sharing?

(Also, I tried to create that video online using the Chrome browser but that didn’t offer the option of importing my Prezi.)

Hi. It´s very easy. Make your Video/Presentation. Stop the Record. A new window opens. Then you can save to your Computer or “upload”. This way it worked for me.

My problem is live streaming: Webex or zoom is not listet in the AppStore. Can you help me?

Hey @andreas_dr_med_proske you’ll need Zoom Conference, which can be downloaded from their website here. Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

Hey @Bob_Nuber the latest update in the desktop application should allow you to control whether you want to save your videos locally or upload to your Prezi Video dashboard, our knowledge base article here covers the topic quite well. :slight_smile:

@Sam . Thanks! Just updated and it has what I need.