How to see next slide on Mac

The last Prezi update brought a problem with the ‘videoconference.’ Instead of showing the next slide, the screen shows the edit menu on the right side.

Hi @Prof_Ricardo_Titze,
please note that now your Prezi Video desktop application is always live, which means that you have the possibility to edit your slides while you are presenting live.

You should be able to see the timeline on the left-hand side of the Prezi Video application.

If you choose to minimize your Prezi Video window you should be able to see the next slide.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Bart!

One suggestion!
Prezi Video would be even better if you insert a laser pointer to help signaling parts of the slide. As a pharmacology teacher, I have complex schemes to explain. Please, consider this improvement.
Prof. Ricardo Titze
University of Brasília - Brazil

Thanks, @Prof_Ricardo_Titze, I’ll forward this feedback to our product team.

You can also use the screen sharing function in Prezi Video where the cursor is visible, this might be a good workaround until then. :slight_smile: