Fit Image to the screen

I have a 16:9 image and when I insert it in Prezi Next or Video, I want to cover the whole topic or subtopic section with that image. When I drag the ends of the image, it either locks lesser than that full size or goes overboard.

Hi @Braja_Mohan_Das, could you send me a screenshot of the issue?
You should be able to fit the image to screen. You can hold down CMD (on a Mac) or CTRL (on Windows) in order to turn of any kind of locking when you resize any items in the editor.

Thanks Bart, I was able to do that with CMD key.

I have another query. My Overview page looks very shattered. How can edit the overview page. Esp the Background image is not covering the whole canvas. I couldn’t attach the screenshot, so here is the Dropbox link of the screenshot.

Thanks for your continued help!

Hi @Braja_Mohan_Das, could you please send the URL of the presentation so I can check on it?