External camera

The Prezi Video Client does not recognize other cameras inserted in the computer, just the integrated webcam.

Hello @Bruno_Luciano, which kind of camera are you trying to connect?

I would also recommend you to check our article on how to connect external cameras in Prezi Video.

Hello Catarina,

another prezi user who has similar problems with an external camera.

Lucky or unlucky to see that I´m not the only one :sleepy:

Please solve this issue.

it is for sure a bug for many external cam users…
spotted the same issue
and your screeenshot [[2020-02-14 17_45_17-Prezi Video] just proved it…
pls solve the issue which does not exist in chrome/integrated cam.

Hello @Vincent_Y_HONG1, we would like to ask you to send us some informations so we can assist you:

  1. Please, send us the information contained in the following folder: %temp%\Prezi.Cast\Engine\Log ?
  2. Run this diagnostics tool and collect the info.

You can send these through WeTransfer, please choose the option of sending it as a link and copy it in your reply.

Hope to hear from you soon!