Error Message: WriteAudioFrame

I upgraded my subscription to Prezi Plus to be able to use the video feature and for unlimited videos. I made two videos–one was 8 minutes; the other approximately 14 minutes. When I went to make a third video, I consistently received a message that said WriteAudio Frame IMG: SinkWriter. I’m attaching the full image here. The error means I can only record about two seconds of video and then I repeatedly receive this same error message.

I only purchased the Plus version to be able to use the videos. If this feature will not work, I’d like to cancel the Plus subscription.
Thank you.
Maureen Gokey

Hello @Maureen_Gokey, thanks for reporting this, we already sent these informations to our development team and we will reach out to you as soon as we have any news :slight_smile:

Hello @Maureen_Gokey, in order to investigate this issue further we would need some details:

  • Which microphone are you using? It would be very helpful if you could send us your DxDiag file, please check this article on how to do so. Then, you can send us the file through WeTransfer (please, choose the option of sending it as a link and copy it in your reply);

  • We also recommend you to restart your computer and after this, check if there’s enough disk space on your C:\ drive.

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:


I just saw your reply and will work on completing the steps you suggested and then reply back.




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Hello, I had the same issue. My DxDiag file is available here:


Hi @antonio_carregal, could you please check if you have enough free space on your C: drive?
Could you also make sure the the latest graphics driver and Windows updates are installed?
Thanks for the DxDiag file, I’ll forward it to our developers.