Embedding video into Prezi Video

Ok, I returned here to give you an example. (I was busy these days and couldn’t answer you properly. The first variant is the one Bart provided and the second one is downloading a video editor or using an online one. I used only https://www.movavi.com/mac-video-editor/ so I can recommend it to you.

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I used to be able to share video and sound embedded in Prezi Video when presented via Microsoft Teams, but recently i.e. these 2 weeks, my audience mentioned that they can only see the video but no sound can be heard from their end. Is there a way to fix this or has the recent ongoing updates from Microsoft has affected some settings?

Hi @John_Tan, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please note that if you want your audience to hear the embedded video you should use your microphone to pick up the sound of the video via MS Teams.
So you should make sure to have the volume set high enough and that your microphone is allowed while playing the video.

But I never had to do that from the start, just wondering what settings have been changed?

Hi @John_Tan, the sound of the embedded video plays back on your device only, it does not get transferred to your audience directly. In order to be heard your microphone has to pick up the sound of the video.

Please make sure your microphone is enabled and your noise canceling is set to low. Here is an article about that.