Embedding video into Prezi Video

I uploaded a .pptx and was sharing over Zoom today. The pptx has 2 embedded videos. It would display the thumbnail or reference graphic slide for the video, but when I clicked, it just advanced to the next slide as if the video didn’t have a way to play it. I had to think quickly and alternatively share the actual powerpoint outside of Prezi to be able to play the video. Is there a way to play the embedded video without having to exit Prezi?

Thank you.

Hi @Stephen_Cozart, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
Embedded videos are currently not playing back in Prezi Video, we are, however, working on this feature so it should be available in the near future.

Hello community, our first version is currently in testing, and will be released soon in an upcoming release on Mac & Windows. This means that your videos inside of Prezi Next documents will finally play when you’re recording or going live through Prezi Video. This version will not support Audio, but videos will playback as expected.

We are here if you need any support, and look forward to getting this into your hands, and continuing to evolve Prezi Video with your feedback :slight_smile:

The Prezi Video is not playing the embedded youtube videos. All I say is a snapshot of the video and no option to play the video. Please help!

Hi @Sophia_Halassy, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic, please see the answers above. :slight_smile:

Any idea when audio will be supported?


I too am having issues playing my embedded video while recording my presentation. Please help.

Hi @Robert_Morgan, regarding the audio I would advise you to check out this comment.

Hi @Yesenia_Perez, the video playback should work in the latest Windows desktop application version already.

I love Prezi video and its possible applications in the classroom, but Prezi has got to get the Video and Audio in the application for seamless presentations. I see you now have video, but please let us know when we can use the audio of the videos as well.

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