Does Prezi Video import Powerpoint notes?

hi there!

Does the presenter notes feature convert notes from Powerpoint??

When I update or edit my PPT slide files and reload them, as I frequently do, I dont want to have to create presenter notes in Prezi again from scratch.

BTW, more detail in your intro to presenter notes would be handy! Its very basic. And its a big jump in subscription for Plus.


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Hi @Ralf_Humphries, Prezi Video should import the notes found on your Powerpoint slides.

Could you elaborate on what more details would you need and where exactly about presenter notes? :slight_smile:

hi Bart:

Thanks for your reply

Im on the standard plan and I’m thinking about upgrading to Plus for the clock and presenter’s notes. So I want my notes to come through seamlessly from my powerpoint slides.

I have another question too. Does the upgrade entail getting a new version of the PV app?

If so, I want to be able to use the different views available in the current app with Standard subscription, including “Show next slide”. Do the presenter notes show up here? I want the most compact view for my Zoom presentations, with Show next slide able to be toggled.

Also: Is the Plus app faster/ slower, the same? I dont want any additional lag in my live presentations.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Ralf_Humphries, the Prezi Plus license will allow you to use the full potential of the Prezi Video desktop application but you will not need to download anything.

The presenter notes are showing up above your Prezi Video screen area (where you see your camera and your content).

Hope this helps!