Did the connection between Prezi Video and Microsoft Teams stop working?

I previously had installed the Prezi Video app into my MS Teams account - now it seems to have disappeared. When I go to the App Store in MS Teams - Prezi Video doesn’t come up… What is going on? Though it seems Zoom and Prezi Video seems to be working now. My institution uses Teams and Zoom so need to switch from these two…


Hey @Daniel_Chan,

Is the Prezi logo showing up inside your chats/conversations? See example below:

Please note that some apps can hide behind the […] menu.
I’ve just checked, and for me, Prezi Video still shows up in the app store, so I’m trying to understand why it is not for you. See example below:

Have you had a chance to ask your IT admin if any internal changes within your MS Teams environment might be hiding the app?

Thanks for the report, and for investigating the issue together with us.

Best regards,
Ben, PM for Video

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