Desktop editor necessary?

I’ve recently switched from using the Desktop editor in Prezi Next to doing everything online (storage use got to be too much on PC); I’m wondering if it will be possible to do the same with Prezi Video? From what I’ve gathered so far (which isn’t a lot, I’m just starting), the Video Desktop editor is required, is that true? And if so, are there plans to separate in future to allow for online-only work?

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity_Team, the Prezi Video editor is also available online, you can check more information about it in this article :slight_smile:

The desktop editor is available with any license, so you can create your videos and save a draft version or live stream them, but in order to record you will need a Prezi Next Plus or higher license.

@Catarina sounds great, thanks, I’ll dig further as I give it a whirl in the upcoming days/weeks. Keep you posted! :grin: (I do have a high enough license for the app, but I prefer the online version at this point to try to keep my PC less bogged down.)

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Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity_Team, let us know if you need help with anything, we look forward to hear your feedback about Prezi Video :slight_smile: