Compatibility with Macbook Apple M1 processor (Big Sur)

Hi there,

I’m excited to use Prezi Live Video on Zoom and Webex from my Macbook Air M1. Yet, currently the program won’t work.

  • In Zoom I can select the prezi camera but I get a pink background.
  • In Google Meets and Webex (Webbased) it doesn’t detect the prezi camera.

I saw elsewhere (December 2020) that you are working on M1-compatibility for the Prezi editor.

Could you update on the status?

Hi @Bart_Hansma, Thanks for checking in.

Our team is currently working on the fix of the issues you experience. We will update this thread if we have any news.

hola, tengo la Macbook pro M1 - Big sur y en Google meet no tengo la opcion de Prezi video virtual camara…

Hola @Angela_Rojas, gracias por informar, nuestros desarrolladores están trabajando en la solución a los problemas de M1.

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Esperando solución, gracias por trabajar en esto.

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Hola @Joas_Tresierra, gracias por la comprensión, tan pronto cuando tengamos noticias, avisaremos :slight_smile:

The issue continues so far!

Hello Prezi community, we understand and listen to your concerns, at the moment we’re still not able to provide an estimate resolution date, but our engineering team is actively working on addressing the current compatibility issues with the M1 processor.

We are available to reach out to anyone who’s interested privately, in order to find the best possible solution.

Thanks for your continuous patience and understanding with this matter.

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usaba Prezi video en mi macbook air y cuando actualicé macbookpro con chip M1 dejó de funcionar con Zoom, la propuesta de hacer un downloading no resulta porque macOs no permite correr esa versión con este nuevo mac y bigsur 11.2.3, por favor necesito ayuda urgente!

Hola @Fabian_Sampieri, fusioné tu pregunta con el tema relevante.

Tenga en cuenta que actualmente experimentamos problemas en computadoras MacBook con chip M1, nuestro equipo está trabajando en la solución.

Subscribing to this thread so I’ll get a notification when Prezi is ready for M1 Apple Silicon. Wish it was here now!

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Hello @Mark_Travis, we’re actively working on this, and as soon as we have any developments, we’ll update this thread :slight_smile:

Hola @Fabian_Sampieri, le enviaré un mensaje privado para que podamos encontrar la mejor solución para usted.

Hello everyone, we’re happy to announce that the latest version of Prezi Video desktop application contains support for Apple M1!

Could you please update the application and let us know if everything is running smoothly?

We’re still working on the fix for the Prezi Next desktop application, we’ll keep sharing any developments in this thread.

Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile: