Classic to Video

I’m afraid of the answer but who knows.
Is it in any way possible to insert my prezi classics in prezi video?
I have over a hundred prezi classics and was patient about waiting for a solution before end 2020 as promissed. But with the current state of affairs I’m obliged to start teaching online and am meeting difficulties with my prezi classics.
Any tips or good practices are welcome, thanks everyone .
Best I have found untill now =

  • simple screenshare f.e. in zoom, but not sure about my integrated youtube videos in my prezis.
  • transfering prezi classic pdf to powerpoint and then back to prezi next but that seems so ridiculous.

thanks in advance

Hi @Sebastien_Vernieuwe, currently it is not possible to use your Classic presentations with Prezi Video, however, migration from Classic to Next is under development by our team.

Until then, I could recommend you using Zoom and a remote presentation.
If you are in the editor view of your Classic presentation, you can click on the share icon in the top right corner and start a remote presentation.

This will give you a link that you can share with others. On this link they would see your presentation, but only you could control it. If you go forward on your end, the presentations goes forward for the audience as well.

This way you can start to teach online with Zoom and a remote presentation and avoid Youtube videos having issues with Zoom.

Hope this helps, and we will update our forum if the Classic to Next migration is available.