Can't use Prezi Video with Zoom

when i lauch prezi video and select videcall, the box with all option of a videoconference appears and suddenly disappears. It doesnt allow me to choose zoom. Then Prezi video close abruptly. What do I have to do?

Hello @ANTONIO_QUINTANA, I would also recommend you to try the following:

  1. Log in into Zoom and start your meeting;
  2. In your Zoom video settings, click on the option “Prezi Video Virtual Camera”;
  3. Meanwhile, open the Prezi Video app and select your video;
  4. Then, click on Video conference and you should be automatically connected.

Let us know if this worked out for you :slight_smile:

Hi there-
when I connect to Zoom, I just get a pink screen!

The preview screen looks great, presentation uploaded in the template etc. But the actual Zoom is just bright pink.


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Hello @Shannon_Polson, could you please send us your system specifications so we can assist you?

Hope to hear from you soon!