Can't quit Prezi Video desktop app

I just start using video, BUT I can not QUIT the program, and it prevent to shut down the computer.

Hello @Gustavo_Delucchi, are you using a Windows or a Mac computer?

  • If you are using Mac, can you try to open the “Force Quit Applications” menu? You can open pressing Command + Option + Esc. And then close the app.

  • If you are using windows, you can open the task manager with CTRL + ALT + DEL, and close the app.

Let me know if that worked. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Gustavo_Godinho. I am using Mac.
I couldn’t use Force to quit, because when I use it, I received a message saying that Prezi was not allowing to quit. So I had to use the power switch, and when I turned on again Prezi was there.

After a while it fixed.

Thank again,

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