Can I use Korean fonts in Prezi video?

Can I use Korean fonts in Prezi video?
If you enter a Korean font, you will not see it.

Hi @ti_hyu, Korean fonts are currently not supported by the Prezi Video Lite editor, I’m afraid.
I would advise you to use the Advanced Create option, where you can use fonts that support Korean language. Please find more information in this article.
Hope this helps!

Is there a way to select the same templates as per Prezi Video instead of using those templates found at Advanced Create?

Hi @Clemen_Chiang, could you explain your question in more details What do you mean by “as per Prezi Video”?

Hi @Bart

Under the Advanced Create, Prezi has provide several video templates that we can use. I find these templates too complicated.

On this note, I prefer the simple Prezi Video templates. Where we input the text and/or image to go with it. Can we have these templates make available in Advanced Create so that we can use and modify them in Prezi Next?

Thank you.

Hi @Clemen_Chiang, yes, it is possible.

I would recommend you to start from Here, on your Dashboard, switch to the “Videos” view on the left side of your Dashboard.

Once there, you should see an Advanced Create button, which then takes you to the template chooser. Here you should see all the Prezi Video templates you normally see if you start a Lite recording.

Hope this helps!