Camera is not working in Google Meet

Hello, I was working past week without a problem by using meet as a videoconference app. Today it became impossible to use the camera, the message is camera failed and it doesnt show presi video camera.
Any help?
Thanks in advance, i am using WINDOWS 10 and a build in camera

Hello @Juan_Ramon_Fernandez, our development team is currently investigating this issue and as soon as we have any details, we’ll share it in this thread.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and appreciate your patience with this matter!

Hello community, our development team was able to find the origin for this issue, and the fix will come in the next release of the application. Meanwhile, we recommend you to run this installer in your computer, as that should resolve the issue for now :slight_smile:

Please, let us know if you were able to find the PV virtual camera in Google Meet afterwards!