Advancing Prezi in Zoom

I have a small laptop screen so I cannot view the Zoom meeting and the Prezi Video window side by side. The only way I’ve been able to advance the Prezi is by selecting the Prezi Video window which means that most of my Zoom meeting is covered by the video preview.
Is there a way to minimize the preview video so I can have access to the Prezi control bar, but it doesn’t take up most of my screen?
I like to do my Zoom calls in gallery mode so I can see reactions, raised hands, etc. and interact with others in the Zoom call.

Hello @Kate_Rabuck, currently you need to have the Prezi Video preview open in order to control your presentation, but you should be able to change the ratio of both Zoom and the preview to have both of them visible in your screen, as you can see in this video.

Let me know if this could help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, my laptop is not large so the minimum size of the Prezi Video window takes up the vast majority of the screen (see attached photo). I’ve only been able to see 4 videos in Zoom and one of those is automatically me so I end up seeing myself twice.

If it isn’t currently a function, it would be great to minimize the video preview (since it already appears in the Zoom call) and just have the arrow buttons as a bar. Essentially, be able to make the Prezi Video window even smaller than it already is so it doesn’t take up as much space.


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Hello @Kate_Rabuck, thank you so much for your suggestion and for sending the screenshot, we’ll share this request with our Product team and let you know if there are any developments!