Adding animated logo at the beginning of the video

Hi guys !

I would like to know how I can add my animated logo at the beginning of the video and at the end ?
I can do it on an empty template but if I want to use one Prezi I finished, I can’t download anything from my computer.

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot !!!


Hi @Magali_PORTIER, could you please elaborate on this?

If you use Prezi Video to record your video, you should be able to insert a Video or a GIF for an animated logo that you zoom in and out during the beginning and the end of the video. You should be able to trim the video properly after the recording so your logo shows correctly.

Could you explain what it means that you cannot download anything from your computer?

Thank you very much @Bart!
Glad to read your response.
In fact, when I want to make a video prezi and I start from a prezi already made, I cannot add and download anything. I can’t download my videos.
But if I want to record new video from scratch, I am in prezi video, I can add my 2 videos, at the start and in 3d place but I cannot upload my prezi after. The result I want to have is to start with my animated logo and then arrive at my prezi. Same at the end, end with the video.

Hi @Magali_PORTIER, please note that you should edit your Prezi presentations with Prezi Present. Once you have added your videos there you should import them to Prezi Video so you can record your presentation with the animated logo added.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Bart !

Thanks a lot for this good advice but I tried and I have two issues.
If I add my video (video with sound) with Prezi Design (I added 1 slide at the beginning, my video on it and another one at the end) and I look the presentation after (just put on play) The video start before the presentation (it’s excellent, I wanted that) but there is no sound.
If I add my video on one of my presentation on prezi present, the presentation can’t start with my video because I can put it only on a second plan but there is sound.
Can you tell me how I can have the sound on a prezi Design presentation and on Prezi present, if I can do differently to start with the video directly ?

Thank you Barth ! I hope I was clear but you understood what I wanted to do ! It’s perfect !

Hi @Magali_PORTIER, in Prezi Present it should be possible to set a custom starting point, this could be a good solution to this use case.

Regarding the Prezi Design part, could you please explain a bit more in detail what are you doing exactly with Prezi Design?

Hi @Bart !
Thanks for the advice with the custom starting point, it’s perfect !
Regarding the Prezi Design, I added my video on a blank slide, at the beginning and at the end of my presentation, and I added my video on it. But If I look the presentation in play mode, the video is working but without sound. I don’t know what I do wrong.
Is it more clear ?

Hi @Magali_PORTIER, thanks for the explanation, I’ve checked on this.

By default, the video is inserted muted. If you want to have sound on it, you would need to highlight the video, then tick “Show play and volume controls”. Once you’ve done this the video should have audio on it when in play mode.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Bart !

I’m so happy, thank you so much!
You resolved my issues!
Can I ask a last question I didn’t find the answer since a lot time?
I can put comments to prepare my video presentation in Prezi Present but I don’t know I can do it in Prezi Design.

Thank you Bart !

Hi @Magali_PORTIER, do you mean presenter notes that are visible to you during recording or live presenting?

If yes, this should be possible once you have imported your Prezi Design to Prezi Video. You should see an icon on the top left corner, next to the menu button. If you click on that button you should see show presenter notes. Once you click this, you should see a presenter notes area that you can edit and use when preparing your video.