1. Uploading Video, or 2. Transparent Background


  1. I understand we cannot upload our own videos VS using laptop camera to record it, is that correct? Only that my laptop webcam is not such great quality, would be better to shoot with my phone and upload. Is that is/can be made available?

  2. And also, is there a way to have Prezi with a transparent background? Say if option to upload is not available and will not be soon, it would be great to have a Prezi walkthrough with transparent background, then upload that video into our own video editing software and use as overlay onver our own videos. This, of course, would not be achievable if Prezi background is all in color. Any workarounds?


Hey @WIlliam_V you cannot currently upload your own videos, however you can use your phone as an external camera if you connect it to your computer via a cable or device. Make sure to set the external camera as the default one though.

The transparent background is not yet an implemented feature, in this topic I’ve recommended a workaround for this. You’ll need to upload transparent images as topic backgrounds and hide the topic’s other features in Advanced editing. For this you’ll need to use the Advanced create function.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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